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21 Mar 2024
How to greet in Arabic

Welcome to your Arabic class! This will not be anything too difficult, as we want to equip you with some Arabic basic phrases, which will be useful in parts of conversation with your Arabic friends. 

Here is a summary of the most common Arabic phrases. To greet someone, you can use one of the following greetings:

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14 Feb 2023
Date night in Dubai

There’s no better place to be on date night than Dubai. Whether you're a couple that loves adventure, you’re culinary explorers, or you’re always on the lookout for unique experiences, there’s something for every couple in this diverse city. With Valentine’s Day approaching, what better time to give you inspiration for romance? 

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20 Feb 2023
An introduction to the DDCR

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is a special place. For the unfamiliar, it is a protected nature reserve located on the outskirts of the Dubai desert, spanning across 5% of Dubai’s total landmass and home to dozens of native flora and fauna.

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23 Feb 2023
Sustainable Practices at Arabian Adventures

If there's something you're not warned about before becoming a parent, it's the constant need to have a list of entertaining plans for your kids.

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11 Jan 2024
Morning vs Evening Desert Safari

We’ve heard it said that a trip to Dubai is only complete with a desert safari. As an award-winning operator of desert safaris and experiences, we tend to agree. 

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25 Jan 2023
Native plants of Dubai

It’s not only animals that contribute to the UAE’s rich biodiversity. The hot desert climate is ideal for a variety of plants, who thrive in defiance of the harsh desert conditions. It may seem like a minor miracle, but it's far from that!

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28 Jan 2023
Things to do in Dubai w/ kids

We believe tourism should create a net benefit for the environment. Any footprint that is left on the ground throughout our activities should be positive, and we’ve built our operations around this very principle. By promoting responsible tourism, taking action to reduce single use plastics throughout our experiences, and powering our camps with recycled biofuels, we’re putting our philosophy into practice operationally.

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