14 Feb 2024

Date    night in Dubai

There’s no better place to be on date night than Dubai. Whether you're a couple that loves adventure, you’re culinary explorers, or you’re always on the lookout for unique experiences, there’s something for every couple in this diverse city. With Valentine’s Day approaching, what better time to give you inspiration for romance? 

In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the best places for date night in Dubai. We’ll cover something for everyone – the adrenaline seekers, the nature lovers, the foodies...and those who still need a little bit of inspiration. Let’s jump in. 

For the romantics

Exclusive Desert Experience: The Exclusive Desert Experience is essentially our version of Valentine’s Day. The main difference? You can enjoy it every day! Set in a private corner of the Dubai desert, an Exclusive evening includes a three-course meal served in a Bedouin style setting by a private waiter, and plenty of opportunities to explore the desert’s wildlife.  

The experience takes place during sunset, so guests have the very best view of the sunset from the dunes. Take it from us, it’s pretty romantic.  

Morning Desert Adventure: Sunrise on the dunes is an experience that's enhanced when it’s shared. Watching the sun come up over the desert is a moment to be cherished, and is, as we mentioned in the Exclusive Desert Experience, a romantic moment.

This adventure also includes wildlife spotting opportunities, and a nice breakfast on the dunes after sunrise. 

Exclusive desert camp
Gazelle in the desert

Nature   lovers


Camel Ride: Is it really a trip to the desert without camels? More than just a typical tourist activity, a camel ride is a window into the world of Dubai's forefathers, who used their desert friends for transportation of goods and people alike - earning them the nickname 'the ships of the desert'. A camel ride is a charming way to spend some time with your partner as the sun sets over the desert.

Horseback Ride: Arabian Horses are a beautiful species, and make for a wonderful companion in their natural home on the desert dunes. A Horseback Ride includes a calm, leisurely stroll on board an Arabian Horse, with morning and afternoon activity slots available. If you love these majestic animals, this is a date experience to add to your list. 

Overnight Desert Safari: Sleeping amongst nature in a deluxe desert tent? Sounds like a nature lover’s dream, and it absolutely is. The Overnight Desert Safari is the ultimate evening in the desert, with an itinerary which brings guests close to nature at every opportunity. Between a camel ride and wildlife spotting opportunities, there are endless chances to see the nature of the DDCR as many will pass by your deluxe tent during your stay. Your overnight experience also includes a variety of activities, a BBQ dinner, and a hot breakfast.

Need some   inspiration?

Cruises & Boat Tours: Heading to the water is always romantic in Dubai. There are amazing views wherever you look, and opportunities for sunrise and sunset activities are eternally popular. We partner with Xclusive Yachts, one of the UAE’s top boat tour operators, to take to the seas and show you the city from the water. Xclusive Yachts operate private tours on small yachts, as well as larger cruises which include BBQ dinners, with exclusive discounts available through Arabian Adventures. Jump on board at either Dubai Harbour or Dubai Marina and set sail! 

Dubai City Tours: If you’re enjoying your first Valentine’s Day in Dubai, don't stand still! There are so many city tours that will take you through every side of the city. If you’re both foodies, a walking food tour through the cultural quarters of the old town is certain to hit the mark for you. If you’re only here for a short time, the City Sightseeing tour bus will take you across the entire city so you can tick off your Dubai list in one day. Have a browse of the Arabian Adventures city tours and attractions section of the website and find the activity that fits your plans.

Date night in the    DDCR


When planning the perfect date night in Dubai, it’s important to consider a few factors – budget, time of year, and personal preferences will all come into play. If you’re on a bit of a slimmer budget, that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a desert experience to the fullest! There are plenty of options for those on a budget, and many of our experiences can be unbundled to suit your preferences perfectly.  

Summer gets particularly hot in the desert, and many of our activities will have an updated itinerary during the summer months. With that said, we do still operate many of our experiences throughout this period – just keep an eye out for any announcements we may make about updated itineraries. 

Above all, we want you to get the absolute most out of your time with us. Think about what you both enjoy the most, what you haven’t experienced yet, what’s on your bucket list, and join us to tick each box.

To start planning your date night on the dunes, head to our website and browse our most popular desert adventures, from morning & evening safaris to overnight experiences and city excursions. We guarantee there’s something for you! 

Gazelle in the desert


a) Is Dubai a romantic city?

Dubai is a city that has something for everyone – including couples looking for many romantic experiences.

b) How can I plan a surprise overnight desert safari for my partner?

Reach out to us! We’ll arrange all of the details for your overnight desert safari, and agree a time to pick you and your partner up for transfer to the DDCR. 

c) What should couples expect from a Morning Desert Adventure in Dubai?

Couples joining us for a Morning Desert Adventure can expect a thrilling experience taking place within an air of romance. This is a special experience to enjoy with a partner, as you will create plenty of memories to cherish together. A particular highlight is the sunrise stop, where you can witness the sun come up over the Dubai desert from an incredible vantage point.  

d) What are the best date night activities in Dubai for celebrating anniversaries?

If you are looking for a traditional way to celebrate an anniversary in Dubai, there are hundreds of world class restaurants that can be enjoyed across the city, including near Burj Khalifa or Burj Al Arab – two Dubai landmarks.

For something a little different, there are many experiences offered by Arabian Adventures which take place in the Dubai desert. These are for the truly memorable occasions,  

e) What are the best times of year for romantic outdoor activities in Dubai?

Dubai has a desert climate, so the itineraries for our desert activities during the summer are often revised.

f) Are there any special packages for couples in Dubai's desert safaris?

We highly recommend our Exclusive Desert Experience package for couples joining us on a Dubai desert safari. This experience is designed to give you and your partner the VIP treatment, with your own reserved and secluded space in the desert the core part of the evening.