28 Jan 2024

Things to do in Dubai w/ kids

We believe tourism should create a net benefit for the environment. Any footprint that is left on the ground throughout our activities should be positive, and we’ve built our operations around this very principle. By promoting responsible tourism, taking action to reduce single use plastics throughout our experiences, and powering our camps with recycled biofuels, we’re putting our philosophy into practice operationally.

But, to us, our commitment to sustainability goes further than this. In this blog, we will take you through how we have rooted nature, culture, and innovation into our core green principles, to help ensure we create a legacy of sustainability in the region and leave a world we’re proud to hand to the next generation. 



Our award-winning operations in the Dubai desert are recognised for their commitment to sustaining local nature. We have designed our activities to harmonise with local wildlife, conscious that we share our space with hundreds of indigenous flora and fauna in their natural habitats. A way we achieve this is by partnering with the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.  

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is one the UAE’s largest protected nature reserves. Partnering with the DDCR means we operate our desert safaris within the Reserve in a way which showcases local nature in a responsible and respectful manner. So, when you’re on an Evening Desert Safari and you spot Gazelles and Oryx crossing your path, or you spot wildlife as the sun rises on your Overnight Desert Safari, you're observing these magnificent creatures in a way that protects their natural habitat and allows them to live freely. 

Arabian Adventures is also formally recognised by Travelife for its commitment to sustainable tourism. This is reflected both amongst our head office team, and our work showcasing the best of Dubai wildlife and heritage in a way that doesn’t compromise their natural living patterns. Being awarded the Travelife Partner status highlights how we place the journey towards sustainability at the heart of our operations, and how corporate social responsibility guides our continuous development. 

Traditional Dubai



One way we believe sustainability is achieved is by preserving existing cultures and promoting the development of contemporary ways of living. 

In the desert, we take our guests on a journey through the rich heritage of the UAE, presenting Bedouin culture and traditional customs alongside local wildlife. Over many centuries, Bedouin dwellers made friends with the wildlife around them, leveraging their skills to collaborate for survival and becoming a key part of the culture. Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than the role of the Arabian Falcon, which shares a special relationship with Bedouin culture, and can be witnessed through the falcon shows we deliver as part of our safari experiences. 

Camel and Arabian Horseback rides across the desert are throwbacks to previous ways of living. We preserve this activity in the name of cultural conservation, in a way which aligns with sustainable tourism and contributing to the net zero aims of the conference. Head away from the desert on a Wadi Adventure, towards the many spectacular Wadis and pools, and you’ll see culture and nature untouched.

Turning towards old Dubai, there are remnants of the city’s historical roots found at every turn. On the creek, dhow boats cruise along from sunrise to sunset, and act as a mode of transport during our walking food tours from one side of the creek to the other. The trade that takes place along this waterway is no myth, too – some of the fresh catches retrieved by local fishermen in surrounding waters make it from the boat to your plate on our walking food tours, all in the same day.

Dubai is a city that’s become synonymous with modern advancement, but look a little closer and you’ll see a culture that’s rich and plentiful. This is another of our sustainable tourism activities, delivered predominantly as a walking tour. Local souks and spice bazaars still hold their status as bustling trade spaces, just as they have for many generations previous.   

Our role within this is to present the best cultural experiences to our guests, and ensure they are delivered in a way which inspires, educates, and most importantly preserves these stories for future generations. 



While culture is a bedrock of the UAE, the country has a very firm eye on the future. This translates into initiatives which break records, forge new ground, and provide a glimpse into tomorrow.  

Ambitious projects such as Louvre Abu Dhabi cement the country’s place as a future cultural hub; somewhere the next generation and beyond will come to learn about global heritage. The Burj Khalifa has become a regional symbol of boundary-pushing innovation, setting the tone for both the Middle East and the world to reinvent the way they work to align with a grander vision and wider goals.  

We share the UAE’s most innovative and boundary pushing activities and experiences in one place, promoting the country’s role in shaping the future. Family friendly activities like At the Top Burj Khalifa, Museum of the Future, The Green Planet & Dubai Frame are all bookable with an Adventure Pass, which will see you save up to 40% on these popular excursions by reserving in one place. 

We’re always open to having a conversation about sustainability. If you’d like to learn more about our commitments in greater detail, we’d love to hear from you - please contact and let’s talk! 

Dubai Museum