Our Environmental Policy

    As a global leader in the aviation, air services and travel industries, the Emirates Group recognises that environmental responsibility is core to our long-term business success.

    We’re committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations across all our businesses and activities, including our supply chain.

    We aim to use energy and resources efficiently, minimise waste and emissions, operate our assets in the most environmentally responsible manner, and contribute to the preservation of wildlife and habitats.

    To deliver on this commitment, we will:

  • Identify our most significant environmental activities, aspects and impacts involving our key focus areas – reducing emissions, consuming responsibly, and preserving wildlife and habitats
  • Minimise greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste and prevent pollution by using energy, water, fuel, materials and other resources efficiently and responsibly, while applying the waste management hierarchy
  • Set objectives and targets, put in place programmes to address our environmental impact, risks, and opportunities, and integrate environmental requirements within relevant business processes and decisions
  • Develop and maintain management systems and procedures for the continuous improvement of our environmental performance, with a focus on flight operations, ground handling and corporate activities
  • Comply with or exceed all applicable national and international environmental regulations and obligations
  • Monitor, evaluate and report the environmental impact and performance of our operations
  • Implement a life-cycle approach to procuring, maintaining and retiring products and equipment, driving towards a more sustainable product and service offering
  • Foster innovation and invest in energy-efficient technology, including aircraft, engines, ground equipment and facilities, as well as clean energy and sustainable fuels
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders on local and global environmental challenges, and contribute to solutions, including exploring pathways to net zero emissions
  • Support initiatives focused on responsible tourism and the protection of natural capital and biodiversity
  • Maintain zero tolerance towards the illegal trade of wildlife and wildlife products
  • Engage leaders and employees across the business to enhance our environmental performance

Policy effective from March 2023

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