Destination UAE

As part of the Emirates Group, Arabian Adventures offers personalised service and true Arabian hospitality. Through stories, insights and unique journeys, we take you straight to the heart of the United Arab Emirates.

The federation of seven emirates was established in 1971 and holds massive oil and natural gas reserves, and the leadership spent much of the revenue from these ventures on improving infrastructure and offerings for visitors. As a result, the United Arab Emirates is one of the easiest and most pleasant places to travel around and there are flights to UAE from all over the world.


General information

The climate of the UAE is hot and dry, and the national language is Arabic, although most people speak English or other languages. The population is a mix of Emirati citizens and expats from all over the world. As a result, the Emirates – especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi – have a diverse array of influences, with Arabian culture ever-present but strongly affected by other parts of the globe. Visiting the UAE is easy. Some visitors will require visas, although most coming from Gulf States do not. The latest visa requirements can be found here. (Information provided by IATA).

Cultural awareness

Please remember that photographing government buildings, military institutions and all oil and gas refineries is prohibited. If you litter you may be fined. Don’t smoke indoors or in public areas. Always ask for permission before taking photographs of Emiratis. Don’t take photographs of ladies dressed in traditional attire. As a mark of respect for local customs, please avoid public displays of affection. The UAE has a reasonably relaxed dress code, but it is an Islamic country and modest clothing is recommended.


UAE holidays

The following holidays are observed in the UAE: Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday*; Commemoration Day; UAE National Day (2 days); New Year’s Day; Eid Al Fitr* (2 days); Arafath Day; Eid Al Adha* (3 days) and Islamic New Year *. * These religious holidays are based on the Gregorian dates of the Islamic calendar. The actual dates may vary slightly as per lunar observations.



Serving of alcohol and live entertainment is not permitted for a period of 24 hours starting at sunset on the eve of all religious holidays. The legal drinking age in the UAE is 21 years of age.



Ramadan is the holy month during which the Islamic world commemorates the revelation of the Holy Quran and all Muslims are required to fast from dawn to dusk. Eating, drinking and smoking in public areas during daylight hours is strictly prohibited for all, throughout this month. Food is served at some restaurants and cafes, and in the hotels. Alcohol is served at certain locations in hotels.



Know your rights, consumer complaints and suggestions can be raised to Ahlan Dubai on 600 54 5555.