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Located on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, with a coastline shared between the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean, the Sultanate of Oman is a country of dramatic landscapes. It borders the United Arab Emirates on the northwest, Saudi Arabia on the west, and Yemen on the southwest.


Oman is famed for its rugged mountains, deepwater fjords, rich green valleys and spectacular desert terrains. This land was once covered by the ocean, and this is still evident by the large numbers of fossilised shells in deserts located inland from the current coastline.

The Sultanate has a rich and vibrant local culture. For centuries, Oman's traders and fisherman plied their trade throughout Africa, India and the Orient. This eclectic mix of cultures can be seen everywhere - in the architecture, clothing and numerous historical sites. It is also much in evidence in the warmth and openness of its people.

The capital, Muscat, is infused with energy and picturesque charm. Its clean streets are packed with craft stalls, shops, museums and ancient forts, while the coasts and harbour are home to countless traditional dhows and fishing villages.

Beyond Muscat, there is much to do and see in Oman. In addition to the variety of archaeological sites - many dating back to prehistoric times - there is a wealth of natural wonders, from the green turtles of Ras Al Junayz to the fjords, dolphins and sea birds of Musandam.

In the south, Salalah enjoys a climate unlike any other in the region. Regular monsoons have created a lush landscape rich in flora and fauna, making it a popular retreat.